Our solutions for social organizations, private cards, financial engineering.

Tailor-made in complete discretion !

You want to implement the Olky Pro Account and its white label card ?

Olkypay supports you in issuing and personalizing your private bank cards to your employees and/or end customers.

Our proposal includes the customization of the Olky Pro White Label Account and the deployment of optional features.

Olkypay, partner of exchange platforms

We propose an agent offer dedicated to companies willing to obtain PSAN approval. We are the first neo-bank to offer this kind of services related to digital assets and thus to crypto-currencies. Exchange platforms that offer cryptocurrency acquisition services are therefore faced with the need to collect money from their customers to execute purchase orders.


Olkypay provides these platforms with a white label offer allowing them to provide payment accounts to their customers that can be used for cash inflows and outflows for conversions between euros and cryptocurrencies.

This offer is available in Europe and is implemented within the framework of an agent relationship established between the platform and Olkypay.

Several large platforms are already using this solution to develop their activities in compliance with their obligations.

Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in the development of your project.

The SIO4 platform

SIO4 is the most advanced solution for processing SEPA payment flows based on a Big Data approach, an intelligent and intuitive management platform.

Integrated by a French white label water supplier, SIO4 is a highly secure PCI-DSS compliant collection plant capable of supporting millions of daily payment transactions.

SIO4 is Olkypay's collection plant interconnected with the main bank clearing networks. Advanced automated representation and splitting processes enable unparalleled collection performance.

A report by Roland Berger at the end of 2016, produced at the initiative of an Olkypay client, concluded that annual cost reductions of around €13 million and an improvement in working capital requirements of around €70 million were needed for a creditor processing €3 billion in cash flows.

A debt collection factory

usine d'encaissement schema
Direct debit and automatic collection

schéma prélèvement et recouvrement automatique