With the new Iban-Express service, you get the account number in just a few minutes. The IBAN that is sent to you immediately allows you to receive payments and access your web-banking.

The customer service will then ask you to send by email the necessary documents so that you can freely use your account.

Yes, the Olky Pro Account is open to all companies and associations, whatever their form and size, from microenterprises to multinationals.

Yes, the Olky Pro Account is open to everyone and we do not query bank incident files to accept the opening of your account.

The documents we ask for depend on the situation of your company. These will usually include the RCS, the articles of association, proof of address and identity documents, and a selfie.

The monthly subscription to the Olky Pro account costs €19.90. For more details, please consult the online fees.

The opening of FR accounts is free of charge. Opening LU accounts costs €500.

The minimum deposit to open an Olky Pro account is €100.

Yes, your company name appears on your RIB and Olky Pro Account.

Filling your Olky pro Account is very simple. Like any online account, you can credit it by transfer but also by cashing in the proceeds of your professional activity with the many payment methods made available by Olky for your customers; credit card in online & distance selling contract, by physical or virtual EPT, direct debit (SDD).

You can terminate your Olky Pro Account at any time by the electronic form accessible from contact. For security reasons, we ask you to confirm by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

Since March 2019, you can request as many Olky Pro Business debit cards as you wish, for example for yourself and your employees or collaborators. You fill out an online form and sign the terms of Olky Pro account conditions electronically and you will receive your cards at home within 8 days.

You have control over the management of all the Business debit cards you issue: you set the available amount per card and you have a statement of transactions for each card. Each cardholder to whom you have given a card also has web-banking access allowing them to track their payments and withdrawals.

You have a wide choice of payment solutions: The virtual EPT terminal is the most economical since the subscription is free and you can use your phone to pay by credit card. For more frequent payments, you can choose a fixed, mobile or mobile EPT terminal.

We offer you a complete range of payment options: credit card, distance selling, virtual or physical EPT terminals, direct debits (SDD). Our customer service department will advise you on the most appropriate solutions for your situation.

Yes, this is perfectly possible ! All you have to do is create your direct debit mandates via online account access that you have your tenants sign manually or electronically.

Yes, the Distance Selling Option (DSO) has been specially designed for E-commerce sites.

As soon as you receive your IBAN, you can connect to the Olky Pro web-banking using your login and password. You will already be able to manage your customers, suppliers, track your account, and many other useful functions for professionals.

For at least 4 good reasons:

  • - The savings made, you only subscribe and pay for the options you need. Traditional banks offer expensive packages that include services that are often unnecessary for the company !
  • - The richness of the offer: no bank and no end technology offers such a wide range of services: Business debit cards,EPT virtual, EPT fixed, EPT mobile, SDD direct debits, money order, electronic signature, automatic collection of unpaid bills, etc.
  • - Speed and simplicity: IBAN provided in a few minutes, options also subscribed very quickly, no time wasted explaining your needs and situation with a project manager !
  • - A web-banking system designed for professionals to track their customers and suppliers: payment history, collections, unpaid bills, paper and electronic money orders, etc.
  • Thousands of companies use the Olky Pro account for their business activities with satisfaction. But some of them have tried to open an Olky Pro account for illegal and reprehensible transactions. In these particular circumstances, we are obliged to request proof of transactions and refuse to execute them when they violate the law. The affected customers who do not accept these decisions are usually the authors of these negative opinions.

    Checks are an obsolete means of payment, not very secure and often refused by merchants and administrations. Olkypay is not a cheque issuer and does not offer cashing but offers modern and secure alternatives: virtual EPT terminal, SDD, etc.