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The SIO4 platform

SIO4 is the most advanced solution for processing SEPA payment flows based on a Big Data approach, an intelligent and intuitive management platform.

Integrated by a French white label water supplier, SIO4 is a highly secure PCI-DSS compliant collection plant capable of supporting millions of daily payment transactions.


SIO4 is Olkypay's collection debt plant interconnected with the main bank clearing networks. Advanced automated representation and splitting processes enable unparalleled collection performance.

A report by Roland Berger at the end of 2016, produced at the initiative of an Olkypay client, concluded that annual cost reductions of around €13 million and an improvement in working capital requirements of around €70 million were needed for a creditor processing €3 billion in cash flows.

A debt collection factory

debt collection factory
Direct debit and automatic collection

Direct debit and automatic collection
iphone mandat

Olkypay's TIP-SEPA is an innovative and secure payment instrument, available in paper and paperless versions on PC and mobile devices.

In dematerialized version, its recent evolution into a payment initiation system supervised by the DSP2 makes it a highly secure payment tool available to consumers to settle invoices from major creditors.

Creditors, contact us to accept TIP-SEPA payments from your customers.

A new payment initiation service issued by Olkypay.

Olkypay's TIP-SEPA is a payment initiation service that replaces the TIP (Interbank Payment Voucher) and the cheque.

Olkypay's TIP-SEPA is designed for both large companies and SMEs to secure their collections. In paper or electronic version, attach the TIP-SEPA to your invoices and secure your payments.


You have just received an invitation to pay an invoice using the TIP-SEPA. You can now pay it electronically.

tip-sepa on iphone
Expert system

Innovation in terms of reducing non-payment: Olkypay's SIO4 platform integrates an expert system that increases collection performance.

Since its launch, the SIO4 platform has offered creditors the opportunity to improve their collection performance through representation and splitting rules.

Simple settings, made available to creditors, make it possible to adjust the intensity of these mechanisms and optimize the efficiency of collection.

systeme expert
schema systeme expert

Creditors are already processing their customer receipts with the SIO4 platform. The efficiency of these management principles is demonstrated on representative samples of hundreds of thousands of operations.

However, some beneficiaries are reluctant to maximize their success rate in reducing delinquencies for fear of degrading their customer relationships.

In this context, Olkypay has developed a new expert system for analysing payment behaviour in order to target future collections as effectively as possible.

Based on the observation and statistical analysis of payment histories, the new algorithms of the SIO4 platform simulate the creditworthiness of high-risk customers to propose optimal payment transaction dates and amounts.

This major development has a twofold objective:

  • Improve the relationship between the creditor and his client by reducing the risk of debiting an unfunded account and consequently the systematic application of bank charges.
  • Minimize the number of rejections borne by the creditor, reduce his recovery efforts and improve his working capital.

As the leader in intelligent collection management solutions and a preferred partner of major creditors, Olkypay's expert system effectively strengthens the balance between improving collection performance and the quality of customer relations.