The shortest way to create my company!

How can I deposit my capital?

With the Olky Pro Account, deposit your capital 24/7, it's easy, fast and economical.

I deposit my capital

By clicking on the button above, in just a few minutes:

  • You open your Olky pro account ;
  • You receive the IBAN of your company in the process of incorporation ;
  • You pay your capital by credit card or bank transfer ;
  • You will receive your certificate of capital deposit within 48 business hours after receipt of the funds and the draft articles of association.
  • As soon as your company is registered in the commercial register, you will be able to use your Olky Pro Account for all your transactions and add the services you will need (credit card, bank transfer, instant payment, SEPA Direct Debit, payment terminal, etc.)

    Service only available for the creation of French or Luxembourg companies.